Your Body type


Shaped women are characterized by big busts, they are often described as boyish or athletic because their shoulders are broader than their hips.


  • Wear pants and skirts with a flare to draw attention to your lower body, balancing your upper body.
  • Wear longer tops that end over your hips. Pair this with pants that taper out.
  • Wear darker colors on top, brighter clothes on your lower body.
  • Choose wrap shirts and wrap dresses.
  • V necked tops draw the eye in and away from your shoulders
  • Get fitted for a good bra that will let you look your best.
  • Belted jackets, dresses, and tops help your waist to look smaller.
  • High heels help to elongate your body.


  • Avoid tops with puffy sleeves.
  • Pleated pants will only add inches to your waist.
  • Pants that taper in towards your ankle should be avoided as they only make your top half look larger.
  • Tops that are busy with a lot of detailing, or too tight should not be worn.

How to dress an Apple shape?

The goal of dressing an apple shape is to elongate your upper body, and define your waist.