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Banana Shape

The banana body shape tends to lean with a boyish shape that has the same measurement for the shoulders and the hips with a waist measurement that is close to them.


  • Wear knee length a-line skirts.
  • Chose jeans, pants, and skirts that sit below your waist.
  • Look for tops with ruffles, large prints, or detailing.
  • Wear a padded bra to add a cup size.
  • Add fun necklaces and scarves to your outfit.
  • Jackets with a cinched waist will give you an hourglass shape.
  • Wrap dresses look wonderful on you.
  • Do exercises that enhance your waist, shape your buts and flatten your abs.


  • Do not wear tight clothing that will accentuate your lack of curves.
  • Stay away from vertical lines.
  • Do not wear high waist pants or skirts - these do not help create curves.
  • Avoid wearing loose fitting tops and dresses.
  • Jackets that end at your waist are not a good choice since they do not help to define your waist.
  • Do not gain extra weight!

How to dress a banana shape?