Clients & services

Priyanka Kanodia believes in pampering her clients by giving them the most luxurious experience. She being huge follower of the luxurious brands and herself loves to wear them understands that "Luxury" is nothing but excellent customer service.

The process of Personal Styling starts having a free consultation with the client where she spends the time understanding the clients likes and dislikes…and after educating herself with the clients needs. She makes her input by suggesting apparel according to their body type, skin tone, occasion and etc. After her first meet she starts the whole process of shopping and personal styling.

Lot of brides love to hire her for their whole bridal and trousseau personal styling. Priyanka has traveled to London. Paris, Dubai and New York to shop for her bride's trousseau and other needs. She understands that for a bride it's the most sentimental time to spend with her family and yet give her time to her fiancé. The pressure is so much that the bride is unable to shop with right focus of mind and ends up with wrong choices and total chaos. Her client list consists of Bollywood stars, socialites from New Delhi; housewives of wealthy businessmen who are just on the borderline of being famous socialites and leave their husbands identity behind. Women in Delhi want to have their own individual Identity, let it be in fashion, society or just at home. Nobody wants to wear boring clothes anymore. And god forbid, if you were seen in the same attire again or repeat your Berkin: it would be such a fashion faux pas.

Apart from Personal Styling for occasions or for wedding functions, Priyanka also provides services like Wardrobe Makeover, Personality Development and Image Consultation.