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Pears Shape

How to dress a Pear shape?

If you're larger on the bottom than on the top, wear darker bottoms and lighter tops. Pants that are cut full in the leg will help to conceal your junk. To draw attention to your better half, wear a top with structured shoulders or a tailored jacket.


  • Wear trousers or skirts that emphasize your well defined waist area (softly pleated or flat-fronted).
  • Try hipster trousers, as these will eliminate that gaping waist problem common to all pear shaped women.
  • A-line skirts/wraps are by far the most flattering for 'pears' as they slim the hips and emphasize the smaller waist area.
  • Tops should be fitted and focus the eye to your upper body (beautiful necklines, patterns and colors)
  • Choose accessories (jewelry and scarves) that avert attention upward away from the hips and thighs.


  • Short, tight skirts should be avoided as these will accentuate the tops of your thighs, and divert attention to that problematic area below the waist.
  • Avoid light colored bottoms and stick to darker blues and browns which absorb the light.