One on One with Ms. Priyanka Kanodia (Fashion Consultant)

What made you choose this profession?
For me "Styling" is all about getting paid to make people look and feel beautiful inside out. I was interested in fashion from childhood, but it took a major tool on me when during my Masters in Marketing. That was when I realized that it would be a perfect time to mix my marketing skills with fashion. I studied Fashion Marketing from Art Institute of California- San Francisco and did majority of my works with Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Barneys.

Job profle at Tarun Tahilliani?
I am head stylist at Trun Tahilliani DLF Emporio Store Vasant Kunj. We are the only store on DLF Emporio, which provide such special services like fashion styling. My job profile include helping elite client pick up the right outfit for that special occasion and assisting them in having most essential items in their wardrobe considering their lifestyle and body shape.

What are your most memorable experience? Kindly share
During my boarding school years we did not have a luxury of going to salons for haircuts, until unless we went for our vacations. So I used to be the designated hair stylist in school, where I cut hair and styled my friend and other student.

Why not some other field?
I always believed in making a profession of something you enjoy. My work does not seem like work to me. Helping my clients to get that perfect look give me huge amount of self-satisfaction.

What kind of clients have you worked for and who are our prospective clients? My client's list includes:
I have three type of clients - brides, socialites or wives or girlfriends or rich businessmen and professional women.
Modern bride today prefer to select their wedding outfit without any family interference. However, they still need someone to help them with the overall image and perception they are trying to portray during the entire wedding event. Socialites or housewives of wealthy businessmen who are just on the borderline of being famous socialites and leave their husbands identity behind. Women in Delhi want to have their own individual Identity, let it be in fashion, socity or just at home.

Professionals,they are so busy in their work and family life that shopping is the last thing on their mind.
What services do you provide?

  • Event styling
  • Wardrobe Consulation
  • Personal Shopping
  • Image Consultation

How would you describe yourself in one word?

Your favorite cuisines. Are you fond of travelling? If yes, Kindly mention your experience.
My favorite cuisine is Italian and my favorite restaurant is Travertino in Oberoi's Hotel. I love traveling around the world. My favorite destinations to travel are paris and london...because I love shopping around there. But if I am looking to unwind...and relax then there is noting better than the beach vacations like Hawaii or Maldives

According to you who are the well dressed people in Bollywood and Hollywood?
In Bollywood I admire the style of Sonam Kapoor and Shradha Kapoor, her Statement is very chic and clean, They boht are the perfect example for young girls to follow.

If you could spend the day with one fashion icon living or dead, who would it be?
I think it would be Audrey Hepburn because she was the biggest film and fashion icon of the 20th Century